In 2016, I decided to start a website to build my writing skills. Called Good Night, Good Hockey, it went live in December and what was simply a website to give me an outlet turned into one of the greatest challenges of my life.
In 2017, GNGHockey hit 150,000 views. From the time it was created, the site has obtained press credentials for the Philadelphia Flyers, Lehigh Valley Phantoms, and Hershey Bears, doubled its original staff, hosted a podcast, and streamed Temple Ice Hockey games on YouTube.
As a credentialed press member, I have interviewed people such as Flyers head coach Dave Hakstol, U.S.A. Olympian Chris Bourque, and Bears head coach Troy Mann.
As president of GNGHockey, I had many duties that ranged from writing articles, writing code, editing articles, being on call for all staff members, marketing, forming relationships with professional teams and media members, and more. At the beginning of 2018, I left the site to pursue other ventures.
In December 2017, I became a writer for Sons of Penn. I became friends with Ryan Gilbert after working in the Flyers' press box for a few games, and he offered me a spot with Sons of Penn. I primarily cover the Lehigh Valley Phantoms and Flyers' prospects.
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